At Rexon we are committed to providing quality products by employing and maintaining high class of Production   Standards. Our production facility is ISO and HACCP certified. Our highly trained staff works day and night to make sure that every packet of our product available at the retail corresponds to what we have promised and is worth more than the price tagged.

Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips is our third successful launch after Jugnu Basmati Rice and Rizcotti Rice Cakes. In addition, more products are in the pipeline from the Family of Healthy Snacks that are aimed at exceeding customer expectations.

Research has shown that slight changes in eating habits (such as choosing healthy snacks over traditional fried ones) can have long term health benefits, bringing significant increase in life span. Therefore, our team is continuously busy in finding healthy alternates of tasty snacks available in the market that are counter to health if consumed regularly over time.

Above all, normal brown rice takes more than two hours of preparation. It has almost all of the vital nutrients a body needs. We have added brown rice in significant portion (along with Corn) in Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips thereby making consumption of Brown Rice very easy.