FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Are these (Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips) imported in to Pakistan?

Ans. No! Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips are made in Pakistan with Halaal ingredients.

Q2. What are Health Benefits of Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips?


> Made with Brown Rice and Corn Whole Grains.

> Contains High Food Fibre of Whole Grains.

> Good for All (Children, Teens, Adults and Elders).

> Low Calories help in weight Control.

> Healthy but Light.

Q3. How are Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips Different from Potato Chips?

Ans. Whole Rice and Whole Corn are the main ingredients of Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips both of which include lot of fiber --- so essential for human body. Basically, Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips are made by puffing and baking whole brown rice and whole corn. While, most of the potato chips are deep fried first. Moreover, potato is all Carbohydrates.

Besides, Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips are as crisp as fried potato chips, yet more healthy and Tasty. These are Tortilla Chips and fabulous treat for yourself and your guests by serving with Chili Garlic Dip; Tamarind Sauce etc. (suggestion for lightly salted flavor only.)


Q4. If I am not able to eat all the contents of the Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips packet at once, will the chips get soggy?

Ans. Yes! But it is recommended that you close the packet of chips with scotch tape or store the leftover chips in an air tight container. Leftover chips get crispy again when heated in a microwave for 2 minutes.

Q5. I am a patient of hypertension/high blood pressure. Can I still eat all three flavors especially the 'lightly salted' flavor?

Ans. Light amount of salt is added in all six flavors of Rizcotti Rice and Corn Chips. It is better to take your doctor's advice first.